Working With Parents

December 10, 2013

Communicating with Parents

Parent Conferences

Student Led Conferences

Engaging Parents

Million Words Assignment

Helpful Advice

Calling home can be a good thing; tell the parents what their child is doing well.  Write a message in the students’ workbook and ask for a parents signature to ensure they read it.  Write weekly or monthly newsletters.

Be clear on the purpose and expectation of the conference.

Have students demonstrate what they can do.

Don’t be discouraged or offended if the parents decide not to do the assignment.

Key Websites

Useful Links


“What Parents Want in School Communication”


-online parent portal



-phone calls

“5 tips for a better parent teacher conference”

do homework

join forces

open lines of communication

aim for action

keep in touch

“5 Tips for Engaging Parent Volunteers in the Classroom”

1. Open new communication channels

2. Be clear about where you most need parents to help

3. Engage working parents

4. Plan for parent volunteers

5. Show Appreciation

“In a million words or less, assignment”



Teaching is… communicating with parents.

*Sitting at a table instead of behind the desk for more of an intimate meeting *

Engaged Parents are Influential Advocates

*The english language is growing by 25,000 words a year. It crossed the 1 million word threshold in June 2009.

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